How do you insulate a window, when most insulation materials are opaque?

ClearComfort is an exceptionally clear insulating material for a window. Just like the glass on the outside of the window, ClearComfort – the intelligent solution – provides a secondary barrier on the inside which traps the air. Air is invisible and makes an excellent insulating barrier when it is trapped and held in place.

The ClearComfort solution uses a totally transparent membrane to enclose an insulating barrier of air next to the window glass.

Intelligent window insulation

The ClearComfort solution uses state-of-the-art technology from the plastics and adhesives industries. By applying our uniquely strong double-sided tape to your window frame, you can then attach a thin transparent polymer sheet to the frame. You complete the job by applying heat from a hairdryer to shrink the transparent sheet to a taut, invisible membrane.

Your window now has the same thermal insulation as a standard double glazed window – at a fraction of the cost!

Please note:

  • The ClearComfort system provides thermal insulation equal to a second pane of glass.
  • It is not a tinted film and it is not stuck on to glass.
  • It insulates against heat transmission; it does not insulate against sound transmission.

Our own industry specialist selected the ClearComfort materials (adhesive and membrane) as the most appropriate technology for this purpose. We continue to monitor developments of these technologies, so that we can bring you the best and most cost-effective solutions for our uniquely Australian conditions.

Many commercial window insulation systems are available in the marketplace. The ClearComfort system is by far the most affordable permanent solution. Please be aware that while the ClearComfort system is totally clear and transparent, close examination under certain light conditions may reveal very minor imperfections in the membrane. Under normal viewing conditions these are invisible. However, if you have any concerns, we suggest the purchase of a trial Mini-kit (and a quotation for using the alternative, float glass).

The ClearComfort adhesive tape and membrane are tough and durable. Our oldest installations have now been in place for more than two decades. The tape is still holding firmly. The membrane remains clear. These owners and their families have enjoyed their added level of comfort for more than 20 summers and winters – with many more to come. The installation has already paid for itself many times over.