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An unprotected single pane of glass loses 20 times more heat than the same area of double cavity brick wall. This occurs because glass is an excellent conductor, which means heat is transferred quickly and easily through glass regardless of its thickness.


Energy efficient housing

Practical steps towards an energy efficient home
Your Home: Technical manual. Design for lifestyle and the future.
Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes.

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The section on glazing contains comprehensive information on all aspects of windows and insulating them. It also provides a simple formula to enable you to calculate the improvement window insulation (U-value) will make to your house:

NatHERS: mandatory national standards for energy efficient homes
The Nationwide Housing Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is a government initiative established to promote energy efficiency in all aspects of the home and reduce the production of greenhouse gases. It is a method that uses stars to rate the thermal performance of a building.

Windows are a critical element in energy efficient building design. The right windows can affect heat loss or gain by up to 50% according to data published by NatHERS. Increasing your House Energy Rating by just 1 star could cut your home energy bill by 10%. This equates to about 1.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided, per household, per year!

Very soon the requirement for energy efficiency in new housing will be raised to 6 stars. This will mean a greater emphasis on the energy efficiency of windows. The better the star rating, the lower the predicted annual energy consumption for the household, and $avings in heating and cooling costs. It also means fewer “discomfort hours” over the whole year.

The ClearComfort advantage
Windows are critical to the overall energy efficiency of a house. When you apply the ClearComfort transparent membrane to your windows you will instantly increase your home’s House Energy Rating. The ClearComfort insulation system achieves a Five Star energy rating for windows as measured by the NatHERS methodology.

The ClearComfort system has been tested by a NATA accredited auditor using the Australian Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) developed by the CSIRO and the Australian Window Association.
Correctly installed, ClearComfort window insulation is rated as double glazing or insulated glazing (IG)*.
Recent studies demonstrate that mandatory disclosure of energy efficiency in the ACT shows a very strong correlation between star ratings and house value – something in the region of 3% for each star. So a $400,000 house increases value by $12,000 per star, which makes energy efficiency a very good investment. ClearComfort is the most cost effective way of increasing the energy efficiency of a window. Be sure your energy assessor includes the IG rating when calculating your house energy rating.

*A window is double glazed if it has more than one transparent layer between the outside and the inside of the window. Note that the space between layers must be airtight.