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The ClearComfort system's excellent insulating properties, low initial cost and simple installation means that your investment can pay for itself in around 12 months.


Customer comments

Great product - we noticed the difference from day one!
McComb family, Bowning, NSW

ClearComfort insulation is an incredibly cost-effective alternative. I'm laughing all the way to the bank and as warm as toast when I get home again.
Dr Doug Cocks, Canberra ACT
(Dr Cocks is a well-known Australian environmental scientist and writer.

ClearComfort insulation has made my home energy efficient at a fraction the cost of double-glazing.

ClearComfort insulation is great, fun to install, practically invisible, and makes a big difference to the warmth of my house.
Michael Linke, Melbourne VIC
(Michael Linke is past Editor of 'ReNew' magazine published by the Alternative Technology Association.

I've been impressed with the product for many years and kick myself for not getting around to installing it in my own house earlier.

ClearComfort insulation has made an instant and appreciable difference, as I knew it would.
Dave Hodgkin, Canberra ACT, Accredited Energy Assessor and Environment Building Consultant with the Home Energy Advice Team.

My mum and I installed five ClearComfort insulation kits over a long weekend, (with the help of my two and four year olds).
Mrs J. Moreton, Canberra ACT

We are heavily involved in energy efficient and sustainable building design and construction, and have been a user and supporter of ClearComfort window insulation since it became available in Australia.

Retro-fitting energy conservation features to existing buildings is an even more important task for the vast majority of existing buildings that have all been built without any consideration of this issue.

We have advised, and continue to advise, our clients to use ClearComfort as a suitable, cost effective alternative to double glazing. The results have been successful, without any compromise to daylight, solar gain, or appearance, and we continue to recommend this product.
Ric Butt, Canberra ACT
(Ric Butt is an Architect, an Accredited Energy Assessor, and the director of Strine Homes Pty Ltd. He has received many awards for his environmentally sound buildings).

We insulated our walls and put ClearComfort transparent membrane over the windows and our home now feels very comfortable, even without using our heating.
Liz, Energy Auditor with Taverner Minds, Canberra ACT

Heat-shrink plastic film is very cheap and nearly as good as glass in its thermal performance. I recommend it.
Peter Lyons, Canberra ACT, 1992

Eleven years on, and still the best value insulation you can buy!
Peter Lyons, Hobart, 2003
(Dr Lyons is a building façade physicist with Ove Arup Pty Ltd, and former advisor to the Australasian Window Council).

Many thanks - a great product
E. Killick, Chisholm, ACT

A third method is called Clear Comfort, consisting of a thin film of clear plastic press-fixed with double sided adhesive tape to the rebate in the window frame and then stretched and shrunk taut by the gentle application of a hair dryer. The film is virtually invisible, an easy DIY job and at very low cost. If a cost benefit analysis were worked out I feel sure that Clear Comfort would win hands down!
(Derek Wrigley (
Making your Home Sustainable, Ch 5: Improving windows, double glazing)