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Windows are critical to the overall energy efficiency of a home. Up to 40% of heat loss and up to 50% of unwanted heat gain from a home takes place via windows.
Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) NSW.


Do it yourself

Contents of the ClearComfort Kit
totally transparent heat-shrink membrane
equally transparent double-sided tape
instruction sheet

You will need
cutting blade
a small hand-held hair dryer

Simple three-step process

1. Tape
Tape frame with transparent double-sided tape

2. Cut & Press
Press on membrane, cut off excess

3. Shrink
Shrink membrane with hairdryer until taut and smooth

Most timber window frames (including doors and skylights) have a flat surface for attaching the tape and membrane without further treatment.

If you have a different type of window frame you may need to vary the method. These variations are described in the instruction sheet. We have a solution for just about every type of window.

For a quick preview of these methods, click on the link below:

Frame too narrow, missing, or in the wrong place

Sash, or double-hung windows


Aluminium windows

Framed window

Frameless glass

Curved glass

Over-sized glass pane

Window frames treated with oil, wax, or in poor condition