Contents of the ClearComfort Kit

  • totally transparent heat-shrink membrane
  • equally transparent double-sided tape
  • instruction sheet

You will need

  • scissors,
  • cutting blade
  • a small hand-held hair dryer

Simple three-step process

1. Tape frame with transparent double-sided tape

Step 1 installation ClearComfort window insulation

2. Press on membrane and cut off the excess

Step 2 window insulation with ClearComfort

3. Shrink membrane with hairdryer until taut and smooth

Step 3 ClearComfort window insulation installation

Most timber window frames (including doors and skylights) have a flat surface for attaching the tape and membrane without further treatment.

If you have a different type of window frame you may need to vary the method. These variations are described in the instruction sheet. We have a solution for just about every type of window.

For a quick preview of these methods, click on the link below: